Wednesday, 27 January 2010

After Party w/The Blisters Boyz

And then there was the after party... I think you need to take a jump for this...

And you do that right here!

THE BLISTERS BOYZ- 747 to Paris @ Plastic

As you all might have figured, they are our favourite band. And we advice all of you to check out their block rockin' beatsHERE!

For the first ever concert, the Blisters Boyz were booked at Plastic, Milan's oldest and chic-est nightlub. As part of the 747 Project, this night was dedicated to Paris. We definitively felt the decadence (until Jack Daniel's started playing some kind of bohemian rhapsody in our heads).

And remember - BE SEXY C'EST FRANCAIS!!!

This video might be slightly embarrasing for our dear Casanova... please notice how his accent changes after several hours of "hard work"...
And take a look at the rest AFTER THE JUMP!!!

You in Wonderland @ Gasoline

Poor Alice. She must have been quite puzzled by the wonders of that wicked rabbit hole. But if you think about it, her life was rather boring before she went down there. And besides, they wore fabulous hats down there, didn't they?


After the JUMP!

Vorspiel w/the Blisters Boyz

As you all know, the Blisters Boyz is our favourite band. And when we say favourite, you know we mean FAB and MARV at the same time. In fact, they top TOP!

Before their first gig in Milan, we made a little afterparty at Casa Casanova (aka Steffen's Place).

Take a peek after the jump.
Yours truly,
Camikaze e Casanova.

Cardi Black Box — Jörg Immendorff - Late Paintings

In midst of the twirl of pretty colors and drama, fashion week has stood quite still for a moment in this quiet little town.
The opening of Jörg Immendorff's last works at Cardi Black Box was a complete success. The variety and the quality of the people was exquisite and exciting, and Grey Goose was on everyone's tongue.

According to the pretty, pretty leaflet, the late works of Immendorff contain an evident critique to the collectivity balanced by the individual's desire for change but — if before his vision was influenced by ideology and by his concrete experience of reality — now it appears as the consequence of an inner gaze, that of a man looking at life through a different, renewed consciusness.

We don't know what whoever wrote this was smoking, but we tend to agree. There's a clear contrast between classical figures and out-of-focus contemparory elements.

Take a peak...

Barbara Berlusconi and Martina Mondadori.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fresh in from America

We all seem to think that Ivy League is completely serious and boring, but guess what just came in from Princeton at 7AM local time...


Sorry for the bad resolution, but isn't this top, fab and marv at the same time?

Lonely Rider searching for wtff?

Loneliness... it's so sad when it hits you. But then again it's such a laugh watching lonely people... oh, sadism...

Mr. Oli Chang really captured the whole "sad lonely fucker" concept. Have a look beloooooow.

(via Water Balloons and Funky Tunes)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Blue Jeans are timeless.

... this song however...


Neon Disco is Milan's monthly invitation-only Raver's event. This time the party was rocking in the ever-so-fashionable Tortona quarter of Milan.

Every month it switches location and maps and invitations are sent only through something as old-fashioned as e-mail. Shhh... secret!

Young people, high people, beautiful people, people in animal costumes and kick-ass DJs...

... we suggest you take a peek – after the JUMP!!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

'89 should be fine.

Once upon time there was no such thing as the World Wide Web and only few people had cellphones. And cellphones were slightly less portable considering they weighed about three tons or so.

As a child of that time, but an adolescent of today, I'd like to bring some of it back to you and wish you all a good morning. It always amazed me how fun seemed so much more like fun back then. Maybe it has to do with the fact that none of their clothes were matching, or the fact that screaming and singing seemed to be synonyms... Considering that whole Berlin Wall fell and everything, I guess they had reason to party. Can we bring it back, please?

I might want to add that it's past two p.m., and that I should study and... oh, shit I just did.

Oh, well! Take some time to pump up the jam before you dig deeeeeeeep into those books.


Sunday, 17 January 2010



This Thursday Gasoline was invaded by models, club kids and various celebrities. None, however, managed to outshine the life of the party - fabulous Welsh designer Andrew Mac-fuckin'-Kenzie!

Taking a risk at opening that fashion week a liiiittle bit too early, the party remained a great success. If you were there you were either making out with one-two-three people or getting so wasted the concept of "standing on your feet" became SO LAST SEASON!

Take a hike...

... after the...

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Thursday, 14 January 2010


Right before fashion week, Milan has been (and still is) in an uproar with all the sales.

Pay two drinks, and we'll give you the third.

You need to have that third whiskey. Especially before Friday morning's credit card bill gets to your front door....

Take a peek!

You can always dress up in a plastic bag when your closet is in the laundry.

I don't think I've seen a BIG HUG like that since the Teletubbies...

After the JUMPPPP!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Buongiorno Amy

Every now and then I get a little excited... but then there are those greyish days where only Amy can properly capture your mood as you drink your coffee with the wrong kind of sugar, eat your toast with the wrong kind of marmelade and realize you got up to late.

Thank Heaven for cigarettes. And for Amy Winehouse.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Ingrid's New Year Tale

Time goes by so slowly, as mentioned before. But then you find yourself in a house with a piano and you're all dressed up. The temperature is not only low, but below a certain zero, and by quite a bit. And all you have to keep you warm is whiskey... darling, it's time to celebrate the end of a decade and...

... that's pretty...

Take a jump with the Norwegian crowd into 2010... right after the JUMP!!!

Christmas Horror Story - Norway

In Norway we use machines to get rid of the snow, also in residential areas. In Norway it's cold.
And -44ºC feels like death. But somehow you still manage to get out and take a walk. And when you do you realize that cold is sometimes beautiful.

It's the kind of beauty we all worship, yet chose to stay away from. We just can't bear the cold. Well, for one day I could. More pics after the...


Christmas Porridge - Ricy Traditions.

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is the devouring of the Christmas Porridge, known as Julegrøt. Basically we stick a peeled almond in the ricy goo and whoever finds it gets a huge piece of marzipan shaped like a fat pig.

And if you don't get it, don't worry. Because you'll all be so full you will want to kill yourself, or maybe you will actually die. Lot's of carbs and fat and sugar and cinnamon. Can it get anymore Christmasy?

I didn't get the almond. My sister did. I am not jealous. Not at all.

Norwegian Future Business Leaders - Christmas Dinner

What you see here is the fabulous economics professor of yesteryears. And where is he?

I think you'll have to find out after the jump (unless you managed to read the headline, that is).


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome to the 10's!

Time goes by... so slowly, as Madonna said to the beat of ABBA's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme". And then you realize yet another decade passed you by.

Financial Crisis. War on Terror. iPhone. Hybrid Cars. Britney's Babies. Madonna's New Boyfriend. Kylie's French Lover. Cameron Diaz is getting old. Demi Moore turned pedophile. And by the end of the next decade even Ashton Kutcher will be ancient.

Time goes by so slowly, yet passes so incredibly fast. The World in the 2000's seemed to forget about time, and now we are reminded again by the big 1 in front of the lonely 0.

The passing of a decade doesn't make you feel old, but it's as if history is growing up. And suddenly we feel the urge to catch up. Nostalgia happens at the end of every decade. Usually through introducing "Best of the **'s" CDs. Suddenly everything's a classic. I imagine we'll hear a good deal of Lady Gaga on the "Best of the 10's" CDs... if there will even be CDs in 2020.

Music is what brings me to the conclusion of this post. Because nothing defines a time so much as the music we listened to. A particular moment I remember, was when I watched Vampire Weekend at the Hove Festival the summer of 2008. That was the summer before I moved to Milan, and Walcott was the song that caught my heart. In fact, it had already caught it for some time, ever since I heard what was then an unrecognisable new sound with a profound message.

The reason I am posting this song is because unlike Billboard Magazine, I don't think Nickelback is the best band of the decade. I guess you can imagine who deserve it more.