Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Stranazione, and this pretty naked boy, would like to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN (!).
Enjoy. See you all at THRILLER tonight!

Spazio Medina, Via Rutilia 16.
Milan, darling Milan.


Even if the girls in rebellious tattoos were the only attraction at GASOLINE, the hundreds of spectators/dancers/club kids/fashionistas/fun-sters etc. would still keep on flooding the dancefloor in the early hours of the night.
Apart from their totally avant-garde sense of music, fantastic staff, and wondefully excited clientele, the themes of their events keep their party beats going at such alarmning rate it's almost notorious. Not to mention, totally unique.
This weeks theme was : BADROOM.
 If you brought a pillow, you probably got in for free. The reason? A pretty intense Pillow Fight. Beds were set up against the walls with people in them, people jumping up and down, and a wide array of people doing naughty things.

Forget your childish pink bedrooms with silk sheets and lace curtains, this is Gasoline's BADROOM:


Go hard, or go home.

 If you think you're too cool for Gasoline, take a jump and bite your tongue.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Smalto @ LOTVS

Sometimes, people just want to have a drink and a cigarette. Or a drink. Or a cigarette. Or none.
But what we all want is a nice place to have a good time with our friends, and that's exactly what we found at LOTVS this Wednesday.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Stone Age White Trash Awesomeness!

Our longtime favourite Röyksopp, out with a new video. Love how they make the whitest of white trash look so glamourous!

Meet the Dawn

After a rather traumatic evening, we finally arrived at Camikaze's house. And what better way to celebrate our endeavours than to have couple of cigarettes on the balcony, meeting the dawn with the kind of satisfaction only drunk people can have?

Russian girl, Südtiroler guy and Asian-Italian girl. We are the World!

Someone just got smoked.

Dunno wtff? this is...

...but this is beautiful.

Bad Omens

We know that putting some kind of tail in some certain place means good luck, but this sure didnt...

...we don't know what this is, but it seems to have been some kind of tail of some kind of freekish animal...

... and we don't really remember this...

... this means that the ATM is not working. And we encountered this about ten times this night. Try figuring out a way home without being able to withdraw money. It's pain, or the 91 BUS!


At Plastic, you simply cannot avoid seeing the fabulous La Stryxia if you enter the House of Bordello (and you definitively should if you're there). My lens was a little bit foggy, but sometimes that's just what you need... realize that...

...Jesus just came back!

Glitter Castigo

How can one combine such a 'glittery' word with such a harsh one?
Where smoking is 'allowed' in bathrooms, drinks flow like rivers, and people stop being people.
Well, if you're into some hardcore glittery fun, then your Saturday night wish has been fulfilled.
Glitter Castigo, for all of you that need a good spanking.

It's amazing how this place, close to Loreto or whatever... the address is Via Tajani 11, manages to fill up. In our opinion, if something exists in a road that contain the letter "J" in its name, it has to be 'in culo alla Luna', which means 'f*cking far away in Italian'. But still. Still. Still it manages to fill up.

One of the DJ's are the same as in Atomic, which was basically our incentive to go there. They just know how to bring back the 90's in a way that makes us feel as if we actually experienced it. Go Aristopunk. And go, go, go to that other guy (DJ 412 this evening) as well. ;)

Fabrizio at the door, the most adorable man with a beard that walked this planet, will surely get you right in the mood to dance and have fun and all that jazz (or britpop or whatever).



I'm in Wonderland.

Or am I in Jamaica?

No, I'm back in the 90's.

Take a deep breath.

It's allright to be naked...

...and to tattoo your back.

It's even cool to pick your nose...

...and to drink...

...and stick your tongue out...

...and touch your face...

...or touch someone else!

Sad puppy.

Drunk puppy.

Happy puppies.

Notice the smokers...

...not the 'no smoking' sign.

You see, it's not just about YOUR outfit, but about your friend's outfit as well. One is too little. Three is too much. Two is just fabulous!

Is that a ghost?

You know you've been to Glitter when you've seen... this thing, whatever it is.

Gisele's Doppelganger

For a second I thought the World's most beautiful woman, Gisele Bündchen, became a rockstar...

Then I realized it was only Emma Anzai from Sick Puppies.

Too bad, I would have bought her music even if it was off beat, just for the fact that it would have been HER!!!

Wakey wakey

This is a story about waking up.

Steffen Rachou wakes up and sees...

...this on the floor...

Then he goes to Camikaze's place and realizes that she didn't really wake up yet. He leaves the task to Tiago, the loud Portuguese person... time goes by... cigarettes are being smoked...

...and what the f*ck?

Tiago has not yet succeeded.

So he strikes a pose.

And I think there was a plane crash.

p.s. we're having a hard time coming up with posts... blame it on exams.