Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

Stranazione would like to wish all of our readers a wonderful New Year and a glamorous start of a new decade.
It has been a pretty intense, fun and - to some extent- traumatizing time, but most of us made it!

We lost a lot of important personalities, had a lot of threats to humanity, and the world of art and creativity may have disappointed some of our ancient romantic ideals.

Before I hang up my new calendar, and I would like to express some of my thoughts with you.

As every year, decade and century before our times, new problems have arisen. New diseases, new wars, new everything. These things happen because we let them happen.
It doesn't take much of an effort to shut our mouths up and let life take its course without creating controversy, or open our mouths for a good reason and spread awareness of these problems actually going on.
Yes, we are around six billion people who share a huge chunk of land mass and who have different ideals, morals and thoughts.
Yet, we all have something in common, something very small hidden inside our rib cage. These small things lets us live, feel and act.

The heart. Without the heart we wouldn't be here. Without the heart we wouldn't feel compassion, love  or sorrow. Without the heart, we wouldn't know what truly mattered to us.
You can argue its all in the brain, but I truly believe most of our basic actions and instincts are all locked up in our hearts.

All of this sounds ridiculously cheesy, but still, I would like our readers, as limited, yet wonderful as you are, to at least think from time to time.

We are slowly drowning in our own glass of water, and it doesn't take much to take a look around and see what we have done - the good and the bad... and hopefully climb out of it slowly.
And now that the world is becoming more connected and closer, we can all do it together and do what our predecessors have been ultimately trying to do.

So, my last point is: Have fun, be glamorous, and do what you have to do, but please remember you have a heart like the other 6 billion people who share this earth with you.

Eat good food, have fun, and be glamorous.
Happy New Year,
and Happy Start of a New Decade.

Lots of love,

Stranazione Team

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Man Who Is Selling His Soul to Pokemon.

Once upon a time, a simple man with a great mind woke up with a dream.
 A dream of hope and light pleasures in this dark, dark world...

This man's name is Paolo Corradini. Your average guy from Modena (Italy), basically.
But as any other 'average guy', there's a catch:
If he gets one million fans on his Facebook fan page, he will tattoo 151 Pokemons on his back.

An act of pure genius and entertainment for the Facebook world, or a brave idiot?

He makes me feel a little nostalgic, one man still has a passion for this Japanese fad.

I laugh at him, crack jokes, and make stupid comments, but deep down inside... I admire his courage.

Paolo Corradini, Stranazione loves you.

(Hakuna Matada)

!!UPDATE!: There is ANOTHER man , Jose Romero from Spain, who is going to tattoo 151 Pokemons on his back if he gets one million fans on his fanpage!
Is this a new fad for 2010?!?

I really want to see who gets there first. GO GO GO!

Saturday, 19 December 2009


And with that, Christmas is definitively here. Brought to you by Ale the Christmas Tree.

This last Thursday before Christmas, the Gasoline Crew decided to do things a little bit different. Instead of the usual Party-Party-Party-All-The-Time, they arranged a fundraiser for Ospedale dei Bambini - OBM. You can find their website here if you want to make an effort as well.

Those who came with a toy and dropped it into Santa's huge sack, got in for free. The toys were then donated to be gifts to those less fortunate. By the end of the night, the sack was packed, so we'd like to send a big thank you to everyone!

More Christmas Spirit After the JUMP!!!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Vamp! @ Gasoline

Vampires. Vamp. Bats. Blood.

We all dream about eternal youth, and that's what Gasoline had to offer this night. Bloody Mary's and tasty necklines were there at our disposal.

Take a bite after the jump!

Rubik's Cube @ Gasoline

Rubik's Cube, invented in 1974 by a Hungarian Sculptor. Bla bla bla. Rubik's cube party after the jump!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Lady Gaga's Pokerface

And you thought we couldn't read your poker face?
(snapshot from Bad Romance music video)

Thursday, 3 December 2009


As you all know, each one of us needs some rehab time. Why not go to Gasoline's Day Hospital for your little pick-me-up's? 
The bar tenders/nurse-men are very helpful at handing you over magic pills and drinks that will totally send you over the edge. Take a peek...

Crack is Wack...?

Or simply fashion?
Spotted in Via Torino.

I <3 my Duckie

Our dear beloved Claudio was cooking for us, when suddenly Christmas Presents appeared. Casanova got a tripod for his camera...

... and Camikaze got a rubber duck.

But this ain't just any duckie, darlings...

Virgin Fitness

Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines and now also Virgin Fitness.
(click on the picture to read the poster on the tram).

A fine fine.

In Barcelona, if you smoke on the metro, you have to pay the price of 30 EUR and... 5 cents.
Round number, don't you think?

G for.... GREEEEIGE!

Never mix grey and beige...

That's what they say. I don't agree, and I now know I'm not alone. When I was in Barcelona, I saw this Gucci belt on display. It is grey and beige! Grey and beige! Doesn't it feel nice to know that the 90's are back and we just don't care anymore. What's next? Will buttons on jackets switch side?

Feel free to click for a larger version.

Grey + Beige = GREIGE!

All the way!

Gente - Barcelona

Snapping people on the street is really fun, but sometimes I get a bit shy and try to do it unnoticed. There is something special about people who aren't posing. They seem more natural. Unfortunately they also move and I can't seem to focus fast enough.

More random shots after the JUMP!!!

Sagrada Familia by Night and the Door of WTFF?

La Sagrada Família was designed by Antoni Gaudí who worked on the project from 1883 and devoted the last 15 years of his life entirely to the endeavour and... thank you so much wikipedia.

Behold my rather low quality photos of it, but know that I had tons of fun that night.

Note: the fun commenced after I tired of taking pictures of my own shadow in the shadow of the gigantic and astonishing temple.

Afterwards, Luis the great magician took me to his place for a special hookah.

... blurring my vision so much this was all I saw of the Sagrada Família...

And suddenly we were here.

If there's a next blogpost after this one, he is innocent. Otherwise call the police.

Dedicated to Lluiser Luis.

Barcelona - Impressions


After coming home from Norway, and after one long day in Milan... I jumped on the plane and went to the sunny city of Barcelona. Did I feel very Vicky Cristina? Maybe not. But some sun always does me good (read: I have the same skin colour as the Grinch (oh, pps, Merry Christmas!)).

Enjoy some rather touristy non-original photos... after the JUMP!!!

It's Vintage!

The thought of old clothes make some people gag. Of course, if we're talking about moth-eaten shoes, I share the same idea.

But in a time where everyone wants to be unique and individual and... blah, blah, blah... you either make it yourself, have someone design you a unique piece or go vintage.

As for vintage shops, there are plenty of rather disgusting ones, but if you find a really good one... let's just say that I'm in heaven and HALLELUUUUUJAH.

More after the JUMP!!!


This is a picture of my eye. No, I did not do crystal meth. Or crack.
Be careful with shampoo in the eyes, people.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Babykiller Outlet

Spotted close to Moscova ->

Mommy, I'm scared.

Mothertongue Lady

Text reads:



I am amazed, simply amazed. Whoever you are, Reed... Reed, the MOTHERTONGUE LADY!!!

P.S. won't you gimme some of that mothertongue?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Doggy Style

Doggy Style:
Bring a group of friends (they all have to have dogs) to walk your dogs together and be absolutely fabulous. First pictures taken in Barcelona.