Thursday, 3 December 2009


As you all know, each one of us needs some rehab time. Why not go to Gasoline's Day Hospital for your little pick-me-up's? 
The bar tenders/nurse-men are very helpful at handing you over magic pills and drinks that will totally send you over the edge. Take a peek...

This boy just needed a kiss to feel better...

Some need local anaesthetics...

It ain't easy to keep your hands of the nurse!

Is that what an ear infection looks like?

Check, check, check!

Turns out she's healthy.

Serious case of kleptomania?

We don't even know what these guys came for...

Dr. Yes, Dr. No and Dr. I-Dunno.

First aid, anyone?

It's urgent!

Time to get some medicine!

Don't worry, it's all in your mind.

...or is it?

Happy patients!

Happy nurses!

Not so happy patient...?

Band-aid or nicotine patch?

Watch out for radiation!

Wha-wha-whatcha say?

Love in the emergency room...<3

"I'm ready for a urine sample!"

Visiting hours are almost up...

"I think we'll have to put you..."

"... in a wheelchair!"

There's just something irresistible about those leather gloves...

"Visiting hours are over!"

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