Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yes, you heard Backstreet boys in there somewhere...


Milan loves bikes.
Stranazione loves bikers.

Especially cute bikers with perfect bob cuts dressed in pastel colors.

World's Best Band

It might be just me... but this poster is just so inviting, I think this guy is gonna conquer the World. Don't believe me? Just give him some time, guys!

Bici - All'incrocio Livenza/Trebbia/Palladio/Soave

For some reason, all roads in the World (read: my neighbourhood) meet at this very intersection. So what other can you expect than to find a rainbow?

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bling Bling Billy.

For once, your bloggers gave up on clubbing on Saturday night and took a ridiculously long walk around Milan.
On our way home at 3 in the morning, we found this mysterious blinking object.
And then we stole it.

Sorry Comune di Milano. You will have to come up with a really good ransom if you want it back.

Oh, and we also had a photoshoot with our good friend, Billy, from the Pravda Bar. And the strange blinking object.

Blinking objects are very Rock 'n' Roll.

Casanova praising the Blinking Object.

Camikazee has the power to levitate.

Scene of the Crime.

Remember kids: Stealing makes you look ugly. or TOTALLY AWESOME.

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman - AKA the Sartorialist - was holding a book signing of his new book at the Armani bookstore. We obviously had to be there to obtain our signed copy of this Fashion Bible.

Most people dream of being featured on his super famous blog (including ourselves), but considering the circumstances, we thought it more likely that we'd feature him first!

Casanova - notice the similarity of the glasses!

The Sartorialist removing the glasses in order not to be associated with Casanova.

Camikaze from her best angle - next to a famous person.

Our signed copies - note that they're made out to the blog as well.

The Sartorialist provides an incentive to dress well, so we hope to improve and be featured in the next edition. So cross your fingers and toes!


Another abandoned victim in the streets of Milan.

Who needs Anna Wintour...

When you have a Range Rover Vogue?

(yes, SUVs are so fashion)

New in Fashion...

It has long been popular with the androgynous look in fashion. Androgynous couples are kind of new, though.

Bird Flu

This pigeon kept us company for our tea outside the Armani store today...

... and now we think we might have caught the bird flu. So don't breathe in our smoke for a while...

Feed the Horse

Dedicated to all you horse enthusiasts out there... Yum Yum.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Milan - September 24th.

Via Manzoni

Mr. James Goldstein - Fashion Icon



Even statues have style in Milan.

Fala português?

Camikaze wants to study Portugese...

...and Tiago is a good teacher.


Those of you who know me might recall the story of the left behind hamster of mine, Orbit. Orbit is still alive, although he is kind of Twitchy.

Leaving animals alone is a cruel cruel thing to do. But what about leaving bags like THIS ONE (OMG) to rot alone in a backyard with an electrical fence that I can't climb.

That's evil.

Enea Enea

Piazza VVIV Maggio

Ants in my pants...

...angels on her jeans. Why keep them just blue, you know?

Seven Years

Rome Rome Rome
After a weekend in this city, you can fall in love with just about anything.
But, when you see your brother again after seven years.... screw love.

I'm kidding.

I was as happy as a little champagne bubble. pop.

Boyfriend - Champagne Bubble - Giovanni. :) Champagne brother.


Blogging has to be done somewhere...

And wine can be helpful.

Erik, my room mate, who has to keep up with us in the late hours.
No sleep to be caught in this house!

Andora and the Marine Boar

Who knows that if you drive towards Genova and land in Andora, you're only two hours by car from Milan? And who knew you could surf there? We do!

When Claudio and Patrizia invited me to come last Saturday, how could I decline? Unfortunately, we forgot to snap the actual surfing, but that's very fine by me (I don't want to show my surfing skills that kills...just yet).

Fill up the tank.

Make the woman drive you.


Il Cinghiale Marino!

Claudio is angry that the fun is over.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Hair and a leather jacket...

... not a hairy leather jacket.

Ingrid is not so happy with her hair colour. We don't know why. Notice the red umbrella.

Erik the Great!

Erik is the awesomest Swede in Milan. And he lives with one of us. He just turned 21, but after a rather scandalous 20th birthday last year he decided to take it easy this year. This from Trattoria Toscana.