Friday, 25 September 2009

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman - AKA the Sartorialist - was holding a book signing of his new book at the Armani bookstore. We obviously had to be there to obtain our signed copy of this Fashion Bible.

Most people dream of being featured on his super famous blog (including ourselves), but considering the circumstances, we thought it more likely that we'd feature him first!

Casanova - notice the similarity of the glasses!

The Sartorialist removing the glasses in order not to be associated with Casanova.

Camikaze from her best angle - next to a famous person.

Our signed copies - note that they're made out to the blog as well.

The Sartorialist provides an incentive to dress well, so we hope to improve and be featured in the next edition. So cross your fingers and toes!

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Zazie Fait De La Byciclette said...

Our aspirations are wrapped up in books, our inclinations hidden in looks.

Belle&Sebastian docent