Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bling Bling Billy.

For once, your bloggers gave up on clubbing on Saturday night and took a ridiculously long walk around Milan.
On our way home at 3 in the morning, we found this mysterious blinking object.
And then we stole it.

Sorry Comune di Milano. You will have to come up with a really good ransom if you want it back.

Oh, and we also had a photoshoot with our good friend, Billy, from the Pravda Bar. And the strange blinking object.

Blinking objects are very Rock 'n' Roll.

Casanova praising the Blinking Object.

Camikazee has the power to levitate.

Scene of the Crime.

Remember kids: Stealing makes you look ugly. or TOTALLY AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

2 fashion vicky-victims as you don't go clubbing on Milan fashion week saturday night??? mmm that's unlikely, something should have happened, we want the truth, the naked truth

Camikaze e Casanova said...

Because the best parties were on Sunday, darling. ;)

Zazie Fait De La Byciclette said...

Love Camikaze's strong.shouldered blouse