Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happiness Insane Party ft ROZZO CRIÙ @ Punto G

Happiness. Insanity. Somehow we manage to incorporate them into our daily lives. They just seem to fit perfectly hand-in-hand. Those of you who know us know it's true.

However, if you know the Gasoline Crew you know that someone knows how to take it all to the MAX!

With performances by Da Rozzo Criù, the place got rocked to its core and the mood was around a 110% for all the people.

More pictures of Da Rozzo Criù...

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Scream Queens @ Punto G


Every now and then we have nice days and every now and then... we seem to be living a horror story. A Scream Queen probably lives the latter everyday, and she does so with impeccable style.

A girl must know how to scream. A boy must know how not to scream. Not only do we scream out of horror, but also for sadness, desperation and joy. Screaming is always fashionable (along with a few other random things that you probably take for granted (don't worry, we'll tell you all about them in the future)).

Anywho... if you took the trip to Gasoline last week, you definitively got the theme. Horror movie screening over amazing music and girls dressed up in babydolls... darlings, it's fab and marv at the same time.

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rouge @ Red Lounge

Red. Simply Red.

The colour of love, the colour of blood and a wide selection of drinks. Which is what brings us to this wonderful, wonderful place. Every now and then we tire of designer white walls and blue lights. And when a little colour comes knocking on the door, we are more than happy to join the party.

Potent DJs, great drinks and our favourite Gasoline Crew is trying out a new concept. And to be quite honest — we like.

A closer look at what's inside the most fashionable red light district we have yet to come across in this city... after the JUMP!!!

BUKKAKE RIOT! @ Punto G (Gasoline)

As terribly nasty as the name sounds, and as awful the story behind it is, the Bukkake Riot feat. TILT! was a delicious success. Whipped cream and condensed milk! Amazing for those who skipped dessert. Or dinner for that matter.
Watch the results of Camikaze's Bukkake destruction by Japi, Ale, and Stella after the JUMP!



Once every year or so, Milan's most famed club, PLASTIC gets filled up quicker than Noah's ark. And as every good animal that gotten on that boat, every good citizen of nightlife has to attend PLASTIC. The reason? Stryxia's Birthday.
Forget Christmas, that was so last year.
Now, its Stryxia time. Competitors and fans from all of Italy that have tasted Plastic's marvels have a chance at hitting the stage and imitating la Stryxia.
Take a look to see this years winners...

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

I'm waiting at the wrong pole.

Sometimes you stay up and push your body to its limit to try and dream. Not hallucinate. A moment to cherish what you usually take for granted. Like that song with a certain message you heard a long time ago and forgot to look up.
Taking a walk after an entire day and night of screaming and laughter, and realizing its already the day after as soon as the sky starts turning into a sweeter color of blue. 
Feeling like your black fur coat will get lost in the whirl of the snowflakes the sky was mysteriously dropping.
It was at that moment I remembered the song, and realized how nice it was to be out and dream.
I've been waiting at the wrong pole the entire time.
It's alright to dream, and letting go once in a while. You never know what you might find on the other side of the looking glass.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vogue Ambition

Time had come to try something new, and on that Friday it was decided that Stranazione should cover Vogue Ambition.

The location being in culo alla luna (again, far away from everything), you'd expect it to be either empty or a bit shady... but we have to tell you, that's not the case!

The music ranges from 70's to 90's, with random shots of Lady Gaga and other contemporary divas (yes, creds for putting Kylie on!).

What surprised the most, however, was not the music selection, but the astonishing amount of gorgeous (droool) people.

Of course, when Miss Sabry is present, how can the joint not be stacked with yummy dummies?

More sweets... after the JUMP!