Thursday, 11 February 2010


Once every year or so, Milan's most famed club, PLASTIC gets filled up quicker than Noah's ark. And as every good animal that gotten on that boat, every good citizen of nightlife has to attend PLASTIC. The reason? Stryxia's Birthday.
Forget Christmas, that was so last year.
Now, its Stryxia time. Competitors and fans from all of Italy that have tasted Plastic's marvels have a chance at hitting the stage and imitating la Stryxia.
Take a look to see this years winners...

... after the...

... JUMP!!!


If you're gonna bust-a-move, do it like LUCA!


Love the hat!

... and love the fan.

... and this guy.

When lashes are fake, let them be spectacular.

You think you're chocolate but you're CHEWING GUM!


... be careful not to get too close a shot under the dress.

Is that a monkey on top of your head?

"He went over there!"

"... where?"

"hi there!"

After Gossip Girl, everyone seems to be wearing headbands. <3

If you're gonna get a tattoo, make it a fabulous one!

FAB 'n' MARV of the night.

There's a difference between a bow and a BOW-WOW-WOW!

Plastic is always full of puppies.

Mask play?

La Boara always has amazing shoes.

Got the claps?


Someone stole someone's fan.


Happy Napoletan people.

I believe in angels.


The fabulous Vienna.


The winners of the last two years, Bruno and Filippo, did a great performance before passing the prize on to the next Stryxia.

Among the prizes were absolutely marvellous pieces of clothing from La Stryxia's wardrobe.

Yes, it's very convenient to pick up the phone in a disco. You hear a lot.


The winner (or one of them) takes it all.

A love-story in the making.

Didn't we see you earlier with a wig?

Sergio spinning discs.


More puppies!

Most fab t-shirt of the night. Maybe even the week.

Smurf ice?

And with a couple of Asians, we say over and out!

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