Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Vogue Ambition

Time had come to try something new, and on that Friday it was decided that Stranazione should cover Vogue Ambition.

The location being in culo alla luna (again, far away from everything), you'd expect it to be either empty or a bit shady... but we have to tell you, that's not the case!

The music ranges from 70's to 90's, with random shots of Lady Gaga and other contemporary divas (yes, creds for putting Kylie on!).

What surprised the most, however, was not the music selection, but the astonishing amount of gorgeous (droool) people.

Of course, when Miss Sabry is present, how can the joint not be stacked with yummy dummies?

More sweets... after the JUMP!

"Whaddya laughin' at?"

Miss Sabry is fabulous.

Don't mess with this one!

That's right – RED BULL.


Cheeky this one...

... this one too...

... and this one!

How many white fur coats in this place? Did I miss the theme?

"I think you've got something in your ear..."

"Anyone notice the lips on my shirt?"

Black is the new and the old black.

We <3.

Yes, you got it. Time to get naked-er.


Anyone hungry for chicken?

Aaaww... <3

Lost puppy?

Guess where those fingers are going...


I guess I didn't smell that well...

Blowing kisses... fabulous!



Puppy lovin'

They're real... and at Vogue you have real fun!

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