Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Scream Queens @ Punto G


Every now and then we have nice days and every now and then... we seem to be living a horror story. A Scream Queen probably lives the latter everyday, and she does so with impeccable style.

A girl must know how to scream. A boy must know how not to scream. Not only do we scream out of horror, but also for sadness, desperation and joy. Screaming is always fashionable (along with a few other random things that you probably take for granted (don't worry, we'll tell you all about them in the future)).

Anywho... if you took the trip to Gasoline last week, you definitively got the theme. Horror movie screening over amazing music and girls dressed up in babydolls... darlings, it's fab and marv at the same time.

Give us your best SCREAM!!! ... after the JUMP!

Warm up your throat before you scream.




The true meaning of multi-tasking.

Ripping your eyes out, much?


Bunnies! Wow!

First aid tip: When your friend is dying, don't forget to pose for the camera.

Writing on your knuckles — FAB.

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Smart fox.

"Don't worry, I'm only gonna steal your soul."

I said "What, what..."

Better drink before you catch a scare.

Boooo! Did you get scared?

Damsel in distress?

Someone thinks we're mental.


Did you remember to wash your hands?




We agree with Japi... COOL KIDS CAN'T DIE!!!


Suckin' on my...

... more titties!

1.83+ Puppies... only in Milan.

Occasional civilian casualty. What a disco bloodbath.

We say cheeky!


Sad puppy.

Our bartenders. Our bartenders. Our bartenders. <3

Shoes — the missing erogenous zone.

Oh no you didn't!

Screaming puppies.

... Munch couldn't have put it better himself!

Blow us a kiss!

Wella — because I'm worth it.


If you don't speak French... try French kissing!

Lost puppy.

Swedish puppy?

Don't say a word.


Spiderman kiss?

Now that's what's the true meaning of "busting a move!"

Ray-Ban bites!

Cute face.

Cuter face.

Funny bunnies!

Do you know how to limbo?

Someone found the G-spot.



Lucky bites!

It seems to us biting your scarf is the next big thing.

Japi and his four hands.

Florists are fun.

Piggy back ride!

At the end of the night we had a little session with Giorgia. Turned out fun.

Over and OOOOOOOUT!!!

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