Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happiness Insane Party ft ROZZO CRIÙ @ Punto G

Happiness. Insanity. Somehow we manage to incorporate them into our daily lives. They just seem to fit perfectly hand-in-hand. Those of you who know us know it's true.

However, if you know the Gasoline Crew you know that someone knows how to take it all to the MAX!

With performances by Da Rozzo Criù, the place got rocked to its core and the mood was around a 110% for all the people.

More pictures of Da Rozzo Criù...

... and other insanities AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Insane, happy or both? You figure it out!

Welcome to the asylum, where pretty girls bite.

Hey there inmate... watch your back!

Very Normal People?


Insanely insane!

Tongues, tongues, tongues.


Insane puppy?

Words other than INSANE fail to describe the amazing performance by Da Rozzo Criù.

Keep it colourful!

Again, we <3 bartenders.

Clever puppy!

We <3 Skin.



What an Angel!


Someone get this bartender down from  the bar.

Crazy, right?


A diva never walks on her feet.

Over and out peeeeples! Ayayaaaa!

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