Monday, 22 March 2010

Popstarz @ Punto G - THE LAST NIGHT.

The week was that of Carnival and the theme was that of "Bim Bum Bam".

For those of you who don't know Bim Bum Bam, it was an Italian TV-show running from 1982-2003, featuring some of the most famous children series, including animes like Sailor Moon and cartoons like The Smurfs, The Simpsons and The Mask.

It was with a bit of a sigh we ended the night, as it was the very last night in this historical location (ex-Gasoline).

Luckily it was a great success. People were dancing, drinking and whatever else they usually do, making the night a worthy homage to the once so glorious location. Because when we do what we do, we do it with style (no matter how funked up we get)!

See the rest after the JUMP!!!

Sip your first drink, but make room for the next five.

"For those who didn't get it, I'm Snow White's mirror."

... and then it all suddenly made perfect sense!

Sometimes we wish all girls could be Japanese Cartoons...

... and we think Filo secretly agrees.

Now that's what we call colourful!


B My butterfly...

Yeah, that's the SPIRIT!

Insects can be drunk too.

Sometimes it actually looks cool when your friend does that behind your back. FAB!!!

Nono, the head ache comes tomorrow!


Wanna play with my... ears?

Unwrap me!

Clark Kent, duh!


Oh MY GOD! You're faces are glowing! <3

I wonder what the babies would look like if Superman mated with a Smurf...?

... and soon enough the bottle will be too!!!

Oh, Norwegians... sobriety isn't your forte.

If I lick it, will it tell me if I'm drunk?

If you get any sexier, this Anime will turn into our favourite Hentai fantasy...


Camikaze's about to blow up.


Grabbing your tit - FASHION!

ROCK (drink) ON!

Nurse, I think I've got something in my pants.

Oh, Satan...

Oh, what do you know? You know nothing... but I'll still take you home!

Nono, don't run away!

A big thanks to everyone that contributed to making the last night of Popstarz at Punto G a fabulous and marvellous night. And remember — stay awesome.

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