Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rouge @ Red Lounge

Red. Simply Red.

The colour of love, the colour of blood and a wide selection of drinks. Which is what brings us to this wonderful, wonderful place. Every now and then we tire of designer white walls and blue lights. And when a little colour comes knocking on the door, we are more than happy to join the party.

Potent DJs, great drinks and our favourite Gasoline Crew is trying out a new concept. And to be quite honest — we like.

A closer look at what's inside the most fashionable red light district we have yet to come across in this city... after the JUMP!!!

A man, a plan... a bar.


One of the least appreciated aspects of a bar is the opportunity to look out on the street. In an ever-changing fashion city, it's nice to see how people arrive, also before they throw their jackets in a corner.

Got my back?

Red Lounge is not just a red venue, but it is also very well decorated, a classy touch to drinking and mingling is often needed in a city where the places are either pearly posh or shabby chic.


Do you recognise this guy?

Is that a star on his cheek?

Peaceful puppy.

After a night in red, Camikaze wishes you all a good night and we both hope to see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

love the coke hat!