Friday, 18 December 2009

Vamp! @ Gasoline

Vampires. Vamp. Bats. Blood.

We all dream about eternal youth, and that's what Gasoline had to offer this night. Bloody Mary's and tasty necklines were there at our disposal.

Take a bite after the jump!

Yum yum!


Looks like someone just got bitten.

Sharp style - sharp teeth!


Didn't age so well? Wear a mask!


Want a bite?

Bite me!

Mmmm... boots!

Too much blood tonight, darling?

Mmm, Bloody Mary?


"Darling, you look a little pale?"


Seduce, sedate and drain.

Watch out, Dj. There are vampires down here.

Don't think we can't tell that you want to drink!

Fresh meat...

Finnish blood... tastes of vodka.

Wanna meet my teeth?

Bite my nipple?

Vegetarian vampires only eat roses.

James St. James? You're following us.




Legs. Shoes. Eh?

With that we leave you guys, over and out!

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