Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Man Who Is Selling His Soul to Pokemon.

Once upon a time, a simple man with a great mind woke up with a dream.
 A dream of hope and light pleasures in this dark, dark world...

This man's name is Paolo Corradini. Your average guy from Modena (Italy), basically.
But as any other 'average guy', there's a catch:
If he gets one million fans on his Facebook fan page, he will tattoo 151 Pokemons on his back.

An act of pure genius and entertainment for the Facebook world, or a brave idiot?

He makes me feel a little nostalgic, one man still has a passion for this Japanese fad.

I laugh at him, crack jokes, and make stupid comments, but deep down inside... I admire his courage.

Paolo Corradini, Stranazione loves you.

(Hakuna Matada)

!!UPDATE!: There is ANOTHER man , Jose Romero from Spain, who is going to tattoo 151 Pokemons on his back if he gets one million fans on his fanpage!
Is this a new fad for 2010?!?

I really want to see who gets there first. GO GO GO!

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