Saturday, 31 October 2009


Even if the girls in rebellious tattoos were the only attraction at GASOLINE, the hundreds of spectators/dancers/club kids/fashionistas/fun-sters etc. would still keep on flooding the dancefloor in the early hours of the night.
Apart from their totally avant-garde sense of music, fantastic staff, and wondefully excited clientele, the themes of their events keep their party beats going at such alarmning rate it's almost notorious. Not to mention, totally unique.
This weeks theme was : BADROOM.
 If you brought a pillow, you probably got in for free. The reason? A pretty intense Pillow Fight. Beds were set up against the walls with people in them, people jumping up and down, and a wide array of people doing naughty things.

Forget your childish pink bedrooms with silk sheets and lace curtains, this is Gasoline's BADROOM:


Go hard, or go home.

 If you think you're too cool for Gasoline, take a jump and bite your tongue.


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