Friday, 30 October 2009

Smalto @ LOTVS

Sometimes, people just want to have a drink and a cigarette. Or a drink. Or a cigarette. Or none.
But what we all want is a nice place to have a good time with our friends, and that's exactly what we found at LOTVS this Wednesday.

Apparently, you can even listen to good (but chill, of course) music in this usually posh place. And the smoking area is actually pleasant and with a view.

In collaboration with the Gasoline Crew, LOTVS hosts the SMALTO evening on the top floor every Wednesday. Finally a nice place to have a drink for people who are not boring in Zona Garibaldi. We thought we'd never live to see it.

What better way to set the mood than a bunch of peacock feathers?

For once it's cool to smile in a posh place.

Oh, look! Another smile!

We've got to give creds to this bartender. I mean, she even made our gin tonics taste exciting.

View from the smoker's balcony. Probably the only pretty view from any balcony in this part of town.

You rarely find a good DJ at lounges, but Luigi sure has a few cards up his sleeves.

What's better than to combine your pre-drinking with a muffin?

The muffin man!

Don't know what this is, but it looks like a jellyfish. Cool, though!

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