Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Vorspiel w/the Blisters Boyz

As you all know, the Blisters Boyz is our favourite band. And when we say favourite, you know we mean FAB and MARV at the same time. In fact, they top TOP!

Before their first gig in Milan, we made a little afterparty at Casa Casanova (aka Steffen's Place).

Take a peek after the jump.
Yours truly,
Camikaze e Casanova.

Jack Daniel's and Pringles tend to break (or melt) the ice.

... and how can a party possibly be a party without Lithuanian girls?

It all looks so peaceful...

... until you turn the heat up.

And that's when everything became a little bit blurry.

"je veux boire !"

Have you got it under control?

... yes, I've got the Pringles under control.

Raise a glass to the Blisters Boyz!

It's amazing what a little whiskey inspires you to do. Luckily this spontaneous shoot contained très à la mode French people.

"anything on my teeth?"

"damn these bloggers, my eyes are getting tired."

Thanks to the Blisters Boyz for a fun pre-party... and thanks to Nico for posing in front of the mirror with two very drunk people. (And thanks to Casanova's room mate for cleaning the bathroom a few days after).

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