Wednesday, 27 January 2010

You in Wonderland @ Gasoline

Poor Alice. She must have been quite puzzled by the wonders of that wicked rabbit hole. But if you think about it, her life was rather boring before she went down there. And besides, they wore fabulous hats down there, didn't they?


After the JUMP!

Mad Hatter?

... or Fab Hatter?

Welcome to Wonderland.

If you're gonna wear a hat, better make it a big one.

Not feeling it yet? I suggest you...

... have a little something to drink?

It's either TOP or TROP. <3

Seems Alice found her rabbit hole.

Is that a face on your back? Right above your crack?

"who left their hat?"

Whoever invented the piano tie can go jump, because this is just marvellous!

This Mad Hatter had too much to drink.

This is how it should be done.

Going home to do that Rabbit Thing?

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