Wednesday, 27 January 2010

THE BLISTERS BOYZ- 747 to Paris @ Plastic

As you all might have figured, they are our favourite band. And we advice all of you to check out their block rockin' beatsHERE!

For the first ever concert, the Blisters Boyz were booked at Plastic, Milan's oldest and chic-est nightlub. As part of the 747 Project, this night was dedicated to Paris. We definitively felt the decadence (until Jack Daniel's started playing some kind of bohemian rhapsody in our heads).

And remember - BE SEXY C'EST FRANCAIS!!!

This video might be slightly embarrasing for our dear Casanova... please notice how his accent changes after several hours of "hard work"...
And take a look at the rest AFTER THE JUMP!!!

The boyfriend and the girlfriend (of different people).

Someone stole Casanova's Mad Hat from the party at Gasoline. Mad hatter is the new black.

Don't drink. Or don't let Casanova drink.

Bohemian, much?

Plastic's Flight Attendants will have you flying in no time!

danse! danse! danse!

quel bordel !

Clement and Marc shaking up the House of Bordello.

To be fair, one has to visit the Mirror Room at Plastic, even if the party was kickin' in the other room. It's quite an experience trying to find yourself here after a few refreshments.

We <3 Beret.

Who needs a face when you have eyelashes?

"We don't serve food on this flight."

Hats! More Hats!

Business class to Paris comes with special entertainment.

Take two Valiums and it'll all be good.

Leg. Omg Legs.

Arrêt !

And the beat goes on...

Surprisingly, a select amount of people still manage to pull off those glasses. Auppladissements!

What would DJ booths be without hot blondes?


Clap yo hands. Clap, clap yo hands.

Why so sad, little puppy? Not enough Champagne?

This wonderful woman kept track of the going-ons behind the booth and took pictures.
We <3 multi-tasking.

Our wonderful friends over at "Things we do and Adore"

Resident DJ Fridays, Dorian Gray.


Trop bon!

Again... we <3 BERETS!

What were women before boas were invented?

Touch mine...

... and I'll touch yours.

Come on, come on.

Granny, what big eyes you have.


Lil' brother makes sure the adventures of the Boyz never go undocumented.

Even DJ's must "hydrate".


Oh, Jezus...

... you're the Man!

We <3 Hugz.

Out of his cave - Poeta Eremita Perucci.

We do hairbands better than Gossip Girl!

Tired gallerist. We <3 Edo.

After the concert it was time for resident DJ Andrea to take over. At Plastic the night never ends.

House of Bordello turning alive.

Greek hatter boy.

"Hurry, lets chug. I wanna dance."


... ten drinks 80? Sounds like we have a deal.

We <3 t-shirt.

We do adore...

Damn light.

"Paris? I think it's that way..."

Mother of God, we love Hatters.

Afterparty soon, much?

Hair is accessory. We love.

Serious poser puppies.

Mister Sharp of tonight.

Snap, snap, snap.

Now that's what I meant by "strike a pose".

"I'm happy to inform you that we won't be landing tonight!"

Sideboob. Our favourite subject.

"You can't see me"
Yes we can.

Mmmmmm... whiskey!

"Please smile while I eat your hat..."

Tacchi. I più alti possibili.

Over and out. Thanks for following this flight to Paris with Stranazione @ Plastic's 747

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