Thursday, 14 January 2010


Right before fashion week, Milan has been (and still is) in an uproar with all the sales.

Pay two drinks, and we'll give you the third.

You need to have that third whiskey. Especially before Friday morning's credit card bill gets to your front door....

Take a peek!

You can always dress up in a plastic bag when your closet is in the laundry.

I don't think I've seen a BIG HUG like that since the Teletubbies...

After the JUMPPPP!

Welcome downstairs.

That freebie did you a lot of good.

Whaddya lookin' at?

Swan Lake.

That is not a girl.

I <3 Sales.

"No, no, I'm not for sale darling. I'm just fab."

Better buy those tights before they disappear... IT'S SALES!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal? I love.

Amazing how beautiful people just become more beautiful when you hide half of their face.

Is it Glitter? No, it's Gasoline!

I'd like to know the price of this one, please...?

What a bargain.

Fashionable and Fun. Funkay.

Someone's happy with what they got in their shopping bag.

Good boy. Stay on display.

... you too!

I'll give you this one at half price.

We don't exchange sold goods.

Lily Allen is BACK from the future.

Get wild...

...and get naked...

... that's it!

Is there a limit per customer?

In the end we had some help from Giorgia to finish off the memory card. Creds, gurrl.


Indie Milanese - alla Gasoline.

And if you hate everything you've seen so far, just remember that this guy is always here and you have to love him. Too bad he's not for sale.

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