Sunday, 17 January 2010



This Thursday Gasoline was invaded by models, club kids and various celebrities. None, however, managed to outshine the life of the party - fabulous Welsh designer Andrew Mac-fuckin'-Kenzie!

Taking a risk at opening that fashion week a liiiittle bit too early, the party remained a great success. If you were there you were either making out with one-two-three people or getting so wasted the concept of "standing on your feet" became SO LAST SEASON!

Take a hike...

... after the...

... JUMP!!!

Dead Girls R E.Z. Razorblade earrings for those depressing days. It's marv.

Can't wait for the jackets to come off... or the rest of the rags for that matter.


I see they're loosening the buttons.

Strike a POSE.

Get a room, much?

I drink champagne in the morning...

What what? (In the butt).

They're called stairs, but that doesn't mean you can't strut a bit.

Cinderella, what's that in your cup?


We don't really know why this photo is here... but it looks kind of clean, right?

Odd one out?

Lip my stocking.



I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons...

Designer + 3?

We <3 T-Shirt


A kiss on the cheek?

... yes please!

Whaddya lookin' at?

Narci's secret seduction trick.


Perfectionist, now with more sweat.

Checking out the territory.

Everybody Woot! Woot! for Zelmo.

Two hearts, to straws.

Telling Santa what you want for next Christmas?

I'll dry that mouth for you, darling.

We <3 Legs.

Darlings, we have an amazing thing to introduce you to. It's called the DRUNK LOOK. Finally someone managed to pull it off the way it was supposed to be, and it's this girl. We don't know your name, but you are the fabbest drunkie of tonight. Congrats.

Oh dear...

... it's a designer.

You work that fabulous drunkness, girl!


"We want...

... HIM!"

Giorgia rockin' the booth.

Casanova... why?

"The music is so loud".
And Marv.

It's always good to have four women (with breasts) taking care of you.

Bad puppy?

No photos please. Eheheh...

James St. James lookalike man – you never let us down

Eye Candy! Where's your Punto G?

Sometimes all you need to find the big G is a tongue.

Don't you just want to take this one home?

It's amazing how these looked just like the Olsen twins after a few too many shots...

Titty T-shirt. It's fab.


Nu in fshn – matching haircut couple.

Puppies everywhere. There must be a kennel with a hole somewhere...

"That's right mo-fo!"

Lonely puppy.

Snap right back at ya!

La la la... someone's in a mySpace mood. Oh, and drunk.

"I swear, you can see her nipple if you zoom in right... there!"

Oh, Angelo... you were just born 2 b bad. Fab.

Peaches, you might be in the wrong century and to some you might be scary. But we must give it to you – tonight you ROCK!

Darling, go collect them puppies. You earned it!

"No, no. I'm allergic to puppies."

"I want extra cherries. Understood?"

Snap, snap, snap.


"Where did she come from?"

Beer goggles?

"Elementarymy dear Watson."

"I might b missing an eye...

Accessorizing 101 – Patch and glasses.

"I'll snap you first this time".

Fabulous and impeccable. We love.

Lick forehead. It's the new way to say "hi".

"Darling, is that fur or are those goosebumps?"

Tonight's Hatter.

"I'll be watching you."

P.S. You know where to find us. Every Thursday in Via Nino Bonnet 11 from midnight and onwards. Be fab, be marv. Be where we are.


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