Monday, 11 January 2010

Ingrid's New Year Tale

Time goes by so slowly, as mentioned before. But then you find yourself in a house with a piano and you're all dressed up. The temperature is not only low, but below a certain zero, and by quite a bit. And all you have to keep you warm is whiskey... darling, it's time to celebrate the end of a decade and...

... that's pretty...

Take a jump with the Norwegian crowd into 2010... right after the JUMP!!!

Ingrid represents a certain wonderfullness rarely found in women, the kind of Marilyn-slash-Audrey-Hepburn-slash-Britney-gone-wild kind of wonderfullness. And when she took on the task to throw a New Year's Dinner, the only thing I could say (apart from insisting on Gourmet food), was "I'll be there".

With too much to eat and too much to drink I somehow managed to forget to shoot the fireworks, and if it wasn't for good friends, I would have probably forgotten my camera outside of the EU.

At year's end come the holidays. Christmas is usually spent with the family. New Year's, however, is a time to get together with good friends and remember the past.

Remember... until the Whiskey takes over. And I think it did...

Ingrid, we do love your dress!

What appears to be a calm get-together...

... with people all dressed up (notice that clever smile)...

... where a little glass of wine...

... and don't forget the beer...

... and suddenly!


As you can imagine...

... the ice is suddenly broken!

I was sure I'd see this at FW...

... wonder why I didn't?

"How you doin'?"

Bon apetít.

I say fierce.

When the eating is over...

... it's time to find the barmaid in you. Or the bar in your house.

Are you ready to get shitfaced?

Snap, snap, snap.

Will you marry me

I think I'll consider that over a glass (bottle) of wine.


... the oracle!


To peace!

... and cheers to general psychedelic shizzle.

You'd think that in temperatures like these, with your balcony overflowing with snow... that smoking would have to wait.
Sorry to break it to you all, but in Norway that is not an obstacle. I wonder what brand the Vikings smoked?

Let there be smoke...

... let there be smoke...

Sharing is caring.

Let the women work.

... and let the new generation of housewives drink at home.

Imagine how many fewer associations this picture would have given you if that bottle wasn't there.

... ?

Where the wild (tipsy) roses grow.

What are we without friends?

What are we without Whiskey?

Don't ask this guy.

... or this girl.

After some time...

... we realize that someone had just a little too much.

Clever people - minus the guy on the right.

After the dinner we went to the other end of town, Skarpsno, to keep the shots coming into the New Decade.


Cheers to the end of a decade!

Did someone say...

... drink?!


What do you do when there are no more cups?

Darling, are you sad? The solution to all your problems is already in your hand.

A decade is over, another one has begun...

... and as usual parts of the night are missing from my memory and you only know that when you realize that the last picture you took was in another apartment than the last one you remember.



Joe said...

Steffen, you're truly amazing. I love all the pictures. Although I'm not sure Skarpsno is the other side of town...

Camikaze e Casanova said...

With that much snow, across the street becomes across town.

Ulb*tch said...

"Ingrid represents a certain wonderfulness rarely found in women, the kind of Marilyn-slash-Audrey-Hepburn-slash-Britney-gone-wild kind of wonderfulness."

well said and very true.