Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome to the 10's!

Time goes by... so slowly, as Madonna said to the beat of ABBA's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme". And then you realize yet another decade passed you by.

Financial Crisis. War on Terror. iPhone. Hybrid Cars. Britney's Babies. Madonna's New Boyfriend. Kylie's French Lover. Cameron Diaz is getting old. Demi Moore turned pedophile. And by the end of the next decade even Ashton Kutcher will be ancient.

Time goes by so slowly, yet passes so incredibly fast. The World in the 2000's seemed to forget about time, and now we are reminded again by the big 1 in front of the lonely 0.

The passing of a decade doesn't make you feel old, but it's as if history is growing up. And suddenly we feel the urge to catch up. Nostalgia happens at the end of every decade. Usually through introducing "Best of the **'s" CDs. Suddenly everything's a classic. I imagine we'll hear a good deal of Lady Gaga on the "Best of the 10's" CDs... if there will even be CDs in 2020.

Music is what brings me to the conclusion of this post. Because nothing defines a time so much as the music we listened to. A particular moment I remember, was when I watched Vampire Weekend at the Hove Festival the summer of 2008. That was the summer before I moved to Milan, and Walcott was the song that caught my heart. In fact, it had already caught it for some time, ever since I heard what was then an unrecognisable new sound with a profound message.

The reason I am posting this song is because unlike Billboard Magazine, I don't think Nickelback is the best band of the decade. I guess you can imagine who deserve it more.

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