Monday, 11 January 2010

Norwegian Future Business Leaders - Christmas Dinner

What you see here is the fabulous economics professor of yesteryears. And where is he?

I think you'll have to find out after the jump (unless you managed to read the headline, that is).


It all started back in the Days, when Ingrid and Joe decided to create their own organization to collect a network of smart people their own age. With time NFBL (Norwegian Future Business Leaders) grew to become an organization that does not only include alumni, but also strives to throw the cosiest gatherings every summer and Christmas.

Starting the night at Jenny's house, working our way down to the infamous Lorry's... and then you'll see. Scroll, scroll, scroll!


... and Joe all the way from CPH.

Even Anniken came out from her hiding in London.

Fabulous Host..

Short lesson in aperture and manual focus...

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Hat and hoodie. Be fashion forward.

Superhero of the night.

Wanna take a walk?

Interior of the infamous Lorry's. Today a respected restaurant. Also the place where the Norwegian Premier's sister got addicted to heavy drugs. What a love story.

Feed the horse, yum, yum!

Dear everybody...

... I am going to have a speech. So shut the fuck up. Fab. <3

Coffee? Nah...

Interior design by LSD Trip Inc.

Snap, snap, snap.

Cross the road. Cross the road in style.

After party! Yay, let's run.

Wild at heart.


... shopping cart!

Whey, whey, whey!

And the we got to my place, were I was happy to receive a... lollipop. What do we make of this?

Wine glass? No, don't have that?

At a certain point, it became time to undress.

I think I'll call this "After under Tiffany's"

Teacher's can have fun too.

Especially with students like these.

The advantage of having few seats...

... is that you'll end up with something in your lap.

Welcome to the tasty world of carton wines. We <3 tax.

Don't feed the monkey.

After a few glasses of wine, Ingrid re-discovers her passion for literature.

Ooops, it went up my nose.

We hope you don't want to forget tonight, because it will be impossible.

Let's get physical...

... physical...

... I wanna get physical.

Let me hear your body talk...

A-okay and out.

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