Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Neon Disco is Milan's monthly invitation-only Raver's event. This time the party was rocking in the ever-so-fashionable Tortona quarter of Milan.

Every month it switches location and maps and invitations are sent only through something as old-fashioned as e-mail. Shhh... secret!

Young people, high people, beautiful people, people in animal costumes and kick-ass DJs...

... we suggest you take a peek – after the JUMP!!!

It's Fashion Week, but it's still cold. So go Polar Bear!


"Oh my God, it's a rave!"

Thumbs up for Neon Disco.

The theme was not too specific for this event, but something was mentioned about a purple line around the eyes. We think these guys did it best.

Terrorists tend to become harmless after a few Jack'n'Cokes...

Oooh! Balloon!

Sceptical much?

My, Polar Bear... what big eyes you have. But then again it's not just cold, but also dark.

Rave on!


Spongebob looks slightly surprised in the company of females.

Click on the picture to read this awesome t-shirt.

Brotherly love... or simply fucked up? We love...


Bring a hat, and if you like hats don't forget about THIS party on Thursday!!!

We <3 T-shirt.

Honey? Or maybe something more sour...

If Satan makes you do bad things... then Satan is a barman.

"Hold me, please..."

Mad Hatter of the evening.

And remember to drink plenty of water with that "paracetamol".

Peace, war and whtvr.

We <3 Sweater. Marv.

"Oh, no! I drank it all up..."

Pretty Drunk Girl nùmero uno.

... and nùmero due.

James St. James, someone took your hat.

Love is a girl you met at the afterski.

Love is that thing you weren't supposed to bring.

Let's make a deal. I snap you, ...

... and then you snap me!

"Manhattan si dice Manaten non Meneit" it's fab.

"Excuse me while I put out my cigarette in your face."

You know your drunk when your best friend's got you in a fishy position.


Camikaze and the Goggle Man.

"I'm with stooooopid."

Are you looking at my girlfriend? Ain't she tasty?

She sure is... ouch!

"I love men with green hair".


"How about that Pealla with Rabbit?"

Friendship and...

... jealousy. Camikaze wrecking homes.

"I don't see anything anymore"

"Okay guys, now pose without letting her fall."

We don't really know who this is, but he is in a car and he's friendly and oops there's a polar bear paw in the picture. Good night peeeeples.

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