Monday, 22 March 2010


Once upon a time, there were two Norwegian boys, two Swedish girls, a Lithuanian Scarlett Johansson, an Italian Stallion and a Latin Lover... and somehow they all ended up at Steffen's place that very Sunday ages and ages ago.

What happened after was fabulous, marvellous and wonderful indeed. In fact, it all happened after... well, that is not completely true, because there was an amazing pre-drinking party somewhere in Loreto, where the only thing above us were the skies (and the only thing below us were the grumpy neighbours).

Also involved was Mr. Whiskey, Mr. Vodka and in general any substance containing a minimum of alcohol. There was also Mr. Tobacco and Mr. Calm Down You Guys (played by various neighboors, doormen and DJs (and somewhere along the way there must have been a taxi driver as well)). Luckily, Mr. Policeman never showed up... too bad, he would have had a lot of fun.

What you see here are SHOES. Normally you find them on the floor. Well, not in this case.

After some negotiation, we were suddenly seven people in my house. And I don't know whether that's a lucky number or not... and considering I fell asleep I can't even tell whether someone got lucky.

All I know is that when we all went home, it was 16:00 Central European Time, and the party had lasted for 20 hours. We had our breakfast with fresh McDonald's food, cigarettes and French Electronica. Under the Arch of Porta Romana.

Because that's how we roll.

Now, we think you'll need a soundtrack to imagine the scene...

If you wanna see where it all started and how it all ended, JUMP!!!

Everyone indahouse, and host already outtahishead.

Latin Lover played by Jose.

Italian Stallion played by Francesco.

No comment from Scarlett.

Food = eaten.


What adorable little Party Monsters!

You might think this is just an effect, but I swear it all looked like that to me for a couple of hours.

It's amazing how inspiring things appear after 5 AM.

And then we landed on the bed...

I don't know how I got here, so...

If you're gonna drink...

... please use my butt as a cushion while you do. I LOVE!

You know what?


This looks awfully wrong. Why is that tripod there? And who's the creepy guy in the trench?

And who's the angel in the bed?

Oh, no! Two angels in the bed.

Two sleeping angels in the bed?

And another one on the floor?

The Gate to Paradise? How much did I drink?

This must be heaven, there are shoes everywhere!

This is where our Baby Baby Baby comes in...


You can't have more fun than you make yourself!

McDonald's under the Arch. I guess that's what Heaven's all about.

But what would Heaven be without Sanna?

Rock my socks!

I have a bag from McDonald's.


Italian Stallion observing Scandinavian Barbarians. Fascinating, we dare say.

You, yes YOU!


And suddenly it's all okay. :) :) :)

Don't pollute. We threw it away, don't worry. We're not trashy!


I'm 2 sexy, much? We <3 U, Alex.

Time passes so fast when you're in good company, and we were the best Baby Baby Babies there ever were in Milan. So watch out, people. We're taking over.


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