Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Alexander's Bye-Bye Party

A young, aspiring, talented and handsome Norwegian photographer came to the city of smog and fashion to have a look at job opportunities, Italian culture and cuisine and whatever else you can come look for in Milan. I kind of promised him I'd introduce him to a couple of people.

He came in search of something to live for. He went back with a massive hangover. As for the rest, I guess all we can say is 2B CONTINUED because... HE'S COMING BACK IN APRIL!!!

This time we take a close look at his goodbye party.

After a week of partying EVERY DAY, we decided to make a quiet night with pizza. Suddenly Diana and Elin were there, and suddenly Sanna showed up, and if I think real long and hard I mean to remember that someone else arrived in the night, but I'm not sure because of obvious reasons.

The picture above perfectly illustrates the concept of a quiet night. More of the sort after the JUMP!!!

The calm part of the night was already over when this picture was taken.

And suddenly things started looking like THIS again...


You have no idea how fun (and yet embarrassing) it is to watch pictures of yourself after get-togethers like these...

And by embarrasing I am referring to this picture in particular.

Black Marker tattoos — occurs on quiet nights.



Sometimes I think Fashion was born in my kitchen.

... or in my bed.

I think it was around when we got to the bed that Alexander fell asleep...

... then we almost lost him, as he seemed to disintegrate into thin air (which was actually smoke-filled Milanese (already smoggy) air)...

... but thanks to potato chips and mayonnaise he was brought back.

I think I almost lost my face that night.

After a couple of shots of whiskey, Scarlett becomes a superhero...

... screw Wonder Woman —Drunken Teddy is here!

... and together with Doctor Eleeeeeen...

... she will stab you with her kitchen knife!

Superpowers include morphing the TV screen.

As for Sanna's alter ego, I have yet to come up with a suitable name... she is just too fabulous.

If only they had made a show about these guys, like a cartoon or something... but then all the children would have rather suspicious role-models.


Oh, no...

... Drunken Teddy is demonstrating the Toilet Paper Surprise.

Toilet Paper Dance.

Toilet Paper Hypnosis ("wake up, don't miss your goodbye party)".

Is he still alive?

At some point I think I turned into the Sandman and Guido became something very scary with heart-shaped glasses.

Oh no, he's turning into a Teddy as well! Someone stop this madness!

This picture is magical because no matter what I do with it, it still looks wrong in every sense of the word.

Okay, I dub you Sleep-Boy.

No comment.

Elin has this really amazing ability to make anything look kind of sexy.


... 2...

Sweet dreams darlings.

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