Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Popstarz Re-Opening @ Santa Tecla — Priests and Nuns

Do you see that smile? That's the smile of a naughty, naughty priest. A priest that is super happy POPSTARZ moved to SANTA TECLA. After all, it's closer to the church!

The legendary Gasoline Crew has now packed their bags from good old Punto G and settled for realz at Santa Tecla, a pass from Il Duomo. And considering our closest neighbours include one of the World's most famous cathedrals and a bunch of other religious buildings, what better way to celebrate the opening than throwing a theme party for PRIESTS & NUNS?!

We had a lot to do throughout the night, so we would like to thank Luca for helping us by snapping a good deal of great pictures. We hope we'll see you all at Santa Tecla in the future!

Take a closer look AFTER THE JUMP!!!

No comment...

Of course you can still meet the ever so charming Angelo there as well!


New in Fashion — Hug a nun.


It was THAT big, I swear.

A slap in the face?

Who let the sailors in?

Time to receive...

... some bread and some Braulio.


Remember, Thursdays @ Santa Tecla... SCANDALOUS!

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