Sunday, 11 October 2009

I Want to be Plastic.

If you are in Milan for the weekend, you CANNOT miss this crazy House of Serious Fun.
And for all of you that live in Milan and have not had a taste (or lick) of this hardcore club, do so immediately.
Or else, you will live in regret for the rest of your lives.
A couple of warnings:
1. Strict Door Selection
2. Hot and Sweaty... totally sexy in our world.
3. You may overdose on fun.

I'll be completely honest here, writing this blog post is ridiculously hard. There are a million things to say about Plastic, but when it comes to explaining... you're left speechless.
Plastic is all of Milan for us. When we're back from travelling, we simply have to go to Plastic to feel at home again.
So just get off your chair, stop eating, and check out Plastic.
Do yourself a favour. Really.

The House of Fabulous Wonders.


Check out the Shoes.
Totally Glam.

Beth Ditto.

Amazing Music.

Amazing Drinks.

Amazing People.

Amazing Photos.

Note: Guy in Blue on the Left.
and Amazing Crowd.


Everything is perfect. Like a Movie.


Note: Warning #1

Note: Warning # 2

Note: Warning # 3

To end this series of glamorous pictures, we have to send a huge cyber kiss to Luca. The Doorman with the COOLEST jackets in all of Milano.

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luca said...

Thank you! Luca