Saturday, 10 October 2009

Let them eat... Moon

No matter how many tissues have been recycled to clean up the mess on your face, or the amount of cigarettes that have kissed the floor due to overflowing ashtrays...
the moon will find you in the end.
It has seen it all from the beginning. The little ocean sprays falling from you chin, the mellow laughter shared over a couch to mend what was broken, and the silent whispers thrown violently to the constant breeze.. it has seen it all.
Even when you don't see it around.

There are times we want to be invisible or at least hide these little bits and pieces of ourselves that make us feel vulnerable in front of the world.
But by hiding behind this solar mask, our souls start rotting. Because that mask is only a mask. It can only give you that certain superficial warmth while it's still fresh on your face.

We should embrace these moments and hold on to them like empty candy wrappers. Well, until life decides to be funky once again and decides to throw a handful of lollipops to your face.

So, don't worry my little pigeons.
The moon has seen, the moon has heard, and the moon will be there again tomorrow.
Even if you don't see it around.

"I want to eat you up. I don't care where. As long as there ain't no one else around. "
-The Legendary Tiger Man

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Jasmin said...

i don't even know how many times i've read this post so far, but at least once every night, the last 7 days. it's beautiful, cammi. really.