Friday, 23 October 2009

French Toast and Alps

When Camikaze tells me to come over for breakfast... I usually get up around mid-day to call her, which in turn wakes her up. "Hey Cami, are you up yet?"


"I just wanted to tell you I'm gonna be at your place in ten minutes for breakfast..."

"Oh SH*T!!! Okay, give me ten, half an hour?"

"Cami, it's twelve thirty,"

"Oh F*CK!"

And then I arrive, only to find her crouching in front of the mirror in her room with a bag of make-up. Suggesting breakfast at my place rarely works, even if I have milk, coffee and biscuits. Breakfast at Cami's usually means coffee. Good coffee, but just coffee. Nowadays there is also chocolate, but no milk, because the Camikaze needs it to sleep.

Well, this morning was slightly different. Not only did she have all the ingredients for breakfast, but she had also made it. It was a beautiful day, a little bit cold, but beautiful nonetheless. And to our surprise, the breakfast was no less wonderful.

You rarely see the Alps through the Milanese smog, but this was an exception.

French Toast

She even made the table! Deliciousness!

Roomate Tiago realizing that Cami can cook, hence there must be a God.

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