Friday, 23 October 2009

Cat in Alto


Some say that the dog is man's best friend. I agree. But a dog is more like a faithful follower. They run to greet you when you come home and can rarely ever be left alone. You can trust a dog. A cat, however, is completely different story...

Cats scratch your legs when you're cooking. They scream for food and they rarely ever use the kitty litter. They run away on adventures and they always look angry and obnoxious.

Most people would probably fall in love with a puppy. Kitties are cute, but they don't really grow up to be the wonderful companion. Still, a cat is what I prefer. A cat is more like me. It sleeps all day and parties all night. It has an attitude. It has the catwalk. Yes, a cat is more my cup of tea.

Sitting on Camikaze's balcony, I sometimes spot a black cat on the roof of the building across the road. Although I never had the pleasure to meet it in person, I am one of its admirers. This majestic bad omen is probably the tallest one of its race in Milan, sitting on a rooftop, looking down on the World and knowing that it has it all under control.

And even if I tried, I'd never be able to catch a proper photo of it.

Say hello to the Kitty. King or Queen of Milan. Click on the picture to spot it.

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