Thursday, 5 November 2009


Most people were elsewhere this night. But that's probably because "most people" refers to boring people who were not in Milan this Halloween. Forget New York, forget Hollywood. Halloween has conquered Milan, and Milan has conquered Halloween!

A real treat... after the JUMP!

Header for this night of horror were the German DJs, APPARAT PLUS TRANSFORMA. Other musical marvels were VICTEAM, B.CONVERSO, GIULIA FROM ABOVE, WANDALISTIC and FORNARINO.

The theme of the night was THRILLER, a tribute to the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. And in true Berlin Style (let's not forget, the wall fell 20 years ago (and Casanova was born)) it was held at the super industrial Spazio Medina.

Organizers were Gasoline Crew, PVC Agency, Magazzini Generali and Meet2Biz. Over 1,600 people came, and when we try to think about the strength of the drinks, at least half of them were packed by the end of... a couple of hours.

It seems this time, that Halloween actually manifested itself and Milan. And what better place. After all, it is the capital of fashion. And who says Halloween costumes can't be scarily fashionable?

Trick or treat? No, trick AND treat. Welcome to a fashionable Halloween! Muhahaaa.

Dressed to... get you drunk.

A cold hunch from the past. Wonder why they don't make heels like that anymore?

"Yes, this is Satan... how may I help you?"

The Hatter...


Anyone requiring medical attention?

Follow the bunny. Especially if he's handsome.

But you can keep your hat on...

Alice in Alcoland.

Fill up the pumpkin. With boose.

Know how putting your make-up on before going out can be such a hazzle? Not in Milan.
Here you get it on location!

I always enjoyed the movie catwoman. After this, I'll be enjoying it even more.

This was right before a huge pumpkin fell down and smashed these poor little innocent girls.

The Grudge?

... or even scarier, La Roux!

"Ni hao, motherfucker!"

Finally a good way to get rid of your boyfriend.


Your outfit is not complete if you're missing Ray-Bans and pink ribbons. Everybody knows that.

Original pick-up line:
"Wanna come home and see my face?"

I said strike a pose. And he did... he really did.

Translation: Don't try to stop me.
Go prophet!

Freeze, or I'll blow my camera up... or hit you with my shutter shades. Or BOTH!

The point of Halloween is not just to dress up, but to look scary. So if you didn't do the first one, do like these guys and look completely freaked out.


Everything I look for in a girl.

Aye aye.

She might look innocent, but you know that once you turn your back, she'll suck the sweet and sour sauce out of your sorry ass.

Sailor Moon and random manga character with fangs.

Beth Ditto and Sporty Spice?

I need to pee.

I peed.

Got some skunk?

I wish the Pussycat Dolls looked like this.

Notice the rather worried expression (read: I GOTTA PEE).

It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C...

Po-po-po-poke her face. Po-po-poke her face.

Tough monkey.

Sweet monkey.


There weren't that many nurses here, since they all went to Plastic, so if you came here you sure stuck out in a crowd. I guess it's easier to get laid like that.

Can't lick my, can't like my, no you cant lick my pokerface.

Awww... <3

Lady Gaga plus one crazy fan.

Smoothest costume of tonight. The Blues Brothers! Or FBI agents. Or whatever wears hats and Wayfarers.

This guy approached me from behind and scared the Scheiß out of me. He also stuck his knife in me, and I was kind of confused.

Notice the molested Barbies.

We just had to hug these. They were so soft. :)

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