Monday, 5 October 2009

Dump your car, dump yourself in one of these!

Forget Taxi's!
It's time for a new, cleaner and cooler way to move around cities: Shopping Carts.
And you can totally drive them on the sidewalks even after a couple of whiskeys.
They can be found at any supermarket (or on the side of the street), at no cost at all!

Notice the elegant encasing of the shopping cart compared to the Taxi.

Your two favorite bloggers test driving this revolutionary mode of transport.

Suicide proof.

This man was an apparition. Walking around in a shopping cart at 4 in the morning can be a great adventure.

Awesome for photoshoots.

Cigarettes, Hearts, and Love.

OMG. Shoes.

1 comment:

Jasmin said...

hahaha! sweet! can we find a shopping cart when i come to visit as well? pretty pleasè? and a reggae-dude and a tattooman!