Monday, 5 October 2009


One of our favorite hangouts (EVER) in Milan goes by the name of Atomic Bar.
Pull up a chair, grab a cold whiskey, and let the music kick some arse.

Friday night's are dedicated to the DJs Romy & Michelle and 90's music. And if you paid any attention at all to anything, you'd know that the nineties are coming back.

The clientele is incredibly diverse, but everyone (EVERYONE) is so cool, you just want to take them all home and stick them in a cage.

If you're not at Atomic, you'd rather be home on a Friday night. Yes, it's that good!

Even though the sign is missing a T, Atomic still remains one of the most nuclear places to have a lot of fun in Milan.

Keeping your finger in your nose prevents other things from entering!

Fabulous pose of the night - the nipple flash!

Ivan keeps the drinks coming while striking the most Madonna-esque poses.

Is that Lady Gaga?


Keep your feet in the air. It works better than twelve centimetre heels!

Antonio and Fabrizio AKA Romy & Michelle
Our favourite deejays.

... because you don't need Oprah Winfrey to tell you to GO TO ATOMIC!

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