Monday, 21 September 2009

Moods of Norway Oslo

As you must all know, we spent our last weekend in the fabulous Kingdom of Norway (Sept 11-13th). Flying out on 9/11 was quite a trip, but with Ryanair's fabulous on-time flights, pathetic smokeless cigarettes and six shots of vodka (3 for the price of 2) we made it! These are some of our impressions, or as we could like to call them - MOODS. Here are our Moods of Norway (no, not the clothes):

Dattera til Hagen has beautiful bartenders, good beer, good food and behold the funky lights at the entrance.

Grünerløkka - So Bohemian.

Månefisken - Casanova had his prom here.

You know I'm happy up here.

Kine's Cat. Beware of claws.

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