Sunday, 20 September 2009

Double Oh Birthday

So, the main reason we went to Norway was this party. Casa's sister and her supermodel friend, Kine Irgens are both turning 18 this September. And what better way to celebrate than to throw a James Bond themed party - SKINS STYLE!

Shut the f*ck up or I'll shoot yaaaaa!

Two bloggers at work, of course.

One for every occasion.

Bring in the strippers and the businessmen!

Happy birthday to you!

Don't know what to buy? Go for Tiffany's! Usually works.

G on G. Fo shizzle.

Make up tip: red lipstick and... gun.

Bring a pussy.

Evil is always cool. And a martini glass of course.

You decide!


What happens when you play with guns...

Shoes look good, even when they're not on.


They're real. I swear.

Getting back to your roots.




Make a mess.

Hide your face the day after to avoid any requests to help clean up.

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