Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Anonymous Brazilian Model

When Camikaze so kindly asked me to shoot some pictures of her friend, whose name is Anonymous Brazilian Model, I gladly said yes and we tried out some stuff in Viale Toscana and the rest of my shady neighbourhood. Yes, we do photos.

... turns out photoshopping is not my forte, but at least it was a learning experience. More pictures after the jump!

Improvising meant using some of my clothes as well. And I sure do hate it when people look that much better than me in them. I guess that's why they're models.


Anonymous said...

WOW! The jacket in the last picture is like BANANAS!

Anonymous said...

I like picture number 6 and 7 very much. This is where he looks "the modeliest" haha.
You should use the background at number 7 more from that angle. The light hits it, and the model, very nicely :)