Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Dog days?

Dog days?

According to Wikipedia the term "dog days" refers to the warmest days of Summer, mainly used in the Northern Hemisphere for the days between late July and September.
It derives from Latin dies caniculares. One thought the Dog Star, Sirius, was responsible for the heat, and hence the term DOG DAYS.

I could sure use some Dog Days right about now...

Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can't carry it with you if you want to survive.

I don't know what little Florence is trying to say, but one phrase from the song really hit me hard. I guess it's just because I'm young, maybe because even if this is now my home, I always long somewhere, maybe to the place I was when I last loved?

And even if love is such a wonderful thing, it always leaves us longing for more. So if we left it behind, would life be at all easier or lighter? Or would we just turn into emotionless robots? And would that be better?

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