Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tiago goes away party

Tiago is going away! Yay! Not that we hate him (we don't), but it leaves you with certain freedoms. Like inviting all your friends on facebook (we are talking hundreds, not to brag... thousand). We don't even know how many came... but rumours speak of an ambulance and a neighbour with a gun.

We don't know - we don't care! It was fun, fun, fun! Fun! Camikaze knows how to throw a party. And if you weren't there - you were square!

The recipe for a perfect PARTAY is two days, a lot of chips and a lot of people. You don't need music, you don't need decorations. You just need chips and people. And you have to be Camikaze. And we're talking sword-through-your-guts style.

See for yourself!

Praise the Camikaze.

Eat the chips.

Invite a midget (see middle).

Fill up with Lithuanian blondes with ginourmous jugs.

A Romanian with a Gun.

Let the fabulous polentona drink.

Mix nationalities and let them drink. Peace guaranteed. Here we have an Italian, a Parisienne and a Viennese Marilyn Monroe.

Don't feed the... this guy.

Everyone has a "best angle".

Winnie the Pooh and Clement from The Blisters Boyz

Perfect escape route. Jump!

The day after we cleaned up in less than half an hour. Amazing what trashbags can do nowadays.

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Jasmin said...

STÈF! did you steal my glasses?!