Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Recycled Thoughts

"When a heart is broken, there´s nothing to break"
This is what a certain Mr. Robbie Williams would say.

To some extent, Robbie is right. But, after careful analysis of this statement, I have concluded that it does not necessarily mean things will stay broken forever.
A nice cup of warm tea, some good friends, a red couch and four pills of paracetamol (for heartbreak fever) can help soothe some of the pain.
However, my most effective remedy was staring out at this beautifully confusing city with a cancer stick in one hand and a pencil in other, fantasizing about Bukowski.

For your information, I have always fantisized about Bukowski. He is the perfect man. A troubled genius, honest to the bone and uniquely corageous.
Too bad he´s dead.

Anyway, in the span of 24 hours, the clouds in front of my moon have shifted into some other corner of the sky.
Hopefully, they shall stay there so we can all get some sleep soon.

Thank you, and good night my little pigeons.

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Jasmin said...

Cammi, darling, this post made my day. more!