Friday, 23 October 2009

Pop Bloody Corn! @ Punto G

Gasoline Disco recently changed its name to Punto G, and it's definitively not the same anymore. In fact, it is so much better. As one of Milan's oldest still running clubs, it sure lives up to its fame.

Thursday's are dedicated to the Popstarz night, a night filled with amazing music (some would claim Milan's best), interesting people and drinks that actually go down your throat.

This Thursday was dedicated to the 50's. Imagine Pin-Up Girls, Rollerskates, Greasy Hair and Drive-In Cinemas... all accompanied by a perverse amount of REAL POPCORN!!!
And if you showed up with a toy car, you got in for free.

Take a look at what the 50's should have been like!

Ginourmous Popcorn Monster


Popcorn Bikini!

Floor à la Popcorn!

Leather Jackets NEVER fail.

Revenge of the Nerds

Washing Instructions: Sweaty dancing may enlarge pants!

If you only knew how naughty this little creature was...

Legs... legs, legs, legs!!!

Twist and Shout!

Welcome to the Drive-In Cinema of Marvels

James St. James?


You better look sharp if you want to get past this man.

Sharp like this, people.

Shady man. Very long-fingered shady man.

Casanova's fan nùmero uno.

What a Wabbit.

Lick your fingers!

No you girls...

Agyness Deyn?

Welcome to the 50's. Fabulousness is welcome.

The Haggis Boyz

Fall. But fall with style.

That's sharp too.

This is not so sharp, though...

Drink, you said?

Why let a stupid injury stop you from going out?

The marvels of long exposure to... something wonderful.

Mr. Figo and Ms. Extravagant


If you want to advertise, you better do it properly.

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