Monday, 5 October 2009

Funky Florence

Camikaze and Casanova are in Florence because... well, you'll see soon.

For the first time of our lives, we simultaneously set foot in Firenze Rifredi and eventually found our hotel and something to eat. Strolling around Florence is something of another world. Obviously, due to its beauty, the city is crowded with tourists. But unlike other places, it still stays authentic and captivates its visitors.

We're just here to party... but Gosh Darnit, it's beautiful!

The Duomo is slightly more colourful than its Milanese cousin.

Mama's bar - the most inviting name ever.

Stylish French Couple! Be sexy c'est francais!

This is the most awesome wave ever. Please try this at home with your wife or roomate and email us the pictures.

As you can see, style is not only a Milanese thing (far from it).

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