Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Be sexy - C'est Français!

French people. We know you think of hairy armpits, but tonight we saw none. However, we did see a bunch of other things. There was Brie. There was Champagne. There was electronica français.
There was a mysterious bag filled with 'Herbes de Provence'. We do not know what to make of that.
Except for the fact that the three gorgeous French girls living in a beautiful apartment near Monte Nero know how to throw a pretty delish party.


French Girl #1

Wonder if there was 'Herbes de Provence' in this...

Garçon #1

French Girl #2 - she will smack your face like only a French girl can...

Polentona and the Wine.

No French girls in this one. Only looooong legs.

Notice the housewarming gift in the cage - Rat?

This is Chantal. She also works as a Chandelier.

French people also drink Mexican Tequila.

If you look really hard, you can see Il Duomo!

1 comment:

Ricco said...

mmm never trust the French, but give them a shot anyways ;)