Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Vogue - Fashion's Night Out @ Milano

Darling people of the World. There are so many days to celebrate. But this one really stands out, at least in our modest opinion

September 10th 2009

What better way to tackle the financial crisis (after all, we are Bocconiani, future economists) than a night dedicated to the joy of shopping?
I know you probably have many answers, and if you do... well, you're all wrong. Screw interest rates or whatever you think might fix the problem. If this is not the solution, it's at least a pretty good reason to dress your best, grab your wallet and start shopping for your life.
Shops were open until 23:00, some even later. Oh, and when you get a drink upon entering the store, Euros are bound to fly...

The celebration was held in most major fashion cities, but right now Milan is the number one place to be (we say so, everyone say so - it's truth). So long Paris, so long NYC. Benvenuti a Milano:

Giorgio Armani made an appearance at the Armani Store in Via Manzoni with his pals.

Camikaze finding something she likes.

Mannequins are so last year.

Prima Sagra Der Dito n'Culo.

Jenny Pie

Anna Piaggi.
There's probably nothing as Vogue in this World as this gal. She has written for Vogue and Vanity Fair and is often featured on the fashion blog bible The Sartorialist. She is said to never appear with the same outfit twice in public. And to quote Manolo Blahnik, she is...
"the World's last great authority on frocks"

Bartender at Dior

Shopping is fun!

Shopping is magical.

Shopping is Social.

We met this wonderful woman from Lost In Fashion. Notice the gold in the hair.

The Beth-Ditto-On-The-Cover-Of-Love T-shirt. Fabulous.

Pens and Designer bags don't mix well. :(

Tonight's Fashion Victim #1

...and # 2

And for everyone who wants to know - the Sad Hamster Pose is the shit this year.

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